Welcome to our world of solutions!

Input is a consolidated information technology company on the market for 32 years. We constantly invest in innovation to offer the market the best services and software for management of small, medium and large companies, whether they are public, private sector and third sector.

All for the organizations to manage effectively and with greater security which is the most valuable: their information.

Each project is a new opportunity to gather efforts in search of an ideal.

Technology solutions designed exclusively for you.

For Input, the future has not been invented yet!



Enchant everyone with our products and services at the highest level, because our customers (and customers of our customers) deserve our best always!


To be recognized worldwide for delivering what our customers always aims: high technology and quality in what we do.



Respect and ethics walking always together, as part of our lives and our souls.


Trust is the virtue which must never be broken, between our co-workers, customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Trust is our greatest asset to be protected and preserved.

Responsabilidade Social:

Always keep a large role in society that goes beyond the corporate world. Helping others is good and it is a fundamental duty to be followed.


The challenge that hosts us is to offer always the best, daily and tirelessly, maintaining excellence in all our tasks. Our work helps save lives and we’re proud of it!