Electronic Medical Record – Law 13.787/2018

The recent approval of Law 13.787/2018 (which is already in force) was a great novelty for Clinics and Hospitals.Summarizing, this law provides for the digitization and use of computer systems for the storage and handling of patient health information that were on physical media.

Thus, health care will gain more building space, avoiding the storage of large volumes of paper, as well as the reduction of labor for the handling of medical records, culminating in greater agility and quality in patient care (also responding promptly to possible legal requests).

By obeying the criteria of the law, hospitals and clinics can destroy or return original physical documents to patients.

However, in order to avoid a greater consumption of paper, toner and printers, it is necessary to use a computer system approved by SBIS-CFM. Moreover, there is no longer any need to digitize physical documents. Thus, with the certified system, medical records are always digital (without any paper printing) electronically signed, according to ICP-Brazil and SBIS-CFM standards.

WinHosp (an Input Health Management Software) is certified by SBIS-CFM, ready to store the scanned medical records and the paperless electronic medical records.

In addition: within the strictest security standards of customer data protection.

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Click here to read in full the law number 13.787/2018 (article in Portuguese).