Federal Medical Council regulates video conference attendance

Input is poised for the future with the powerful Health Management Software: WinHosp. The recent publication of the Resolution of the Federal Medical Council (2.227/2018) ensures that Hospitals, Clinics and other public and private health care can offer patients more convenience and speed in the diagnosis of pathologies, and effective procedures to save lives.Moreover, with the electronic health record approved by SBIS-CFM, WinHosp, in a completely secure and paperless manner (also in compliance with the recently approved General Data Protection Law), collaborates so that general practitioner can consult specialists at a distance, completely online.

Thus, they will be able to conclude difficult or specialized diagnoses in an extremely agile and effective way in the patients’ health care. WinHosp is a vital tool for Hospitals, Clinics and Health Units that require the presence of all types of medical specialties (often sporadic). The online attendance of these specialists generates rationalization of the workforce, and high economicity for the Management and Administration of Private Health Organizations and Public Health Departments of State and Municipality (which generally have difficulties in capturing these specialists).

Medical professionals will be able to share care quickly, effectively, and dynamically through telemedicine (relying entirely on software security and intelligence) to reduce costs and risks.

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Click here to read the resolution number 2.227/2018 in full (article in Portuguese).