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The power of ROBOTICS in Input software

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Electronic Medical Record – Law 13.787/2018

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Input Health Solution, the WinHosp.Net, is featured in the March issue of Hosp Magazine

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Input 25 years

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Surgical Monitor installed at Conjunto Hospitalar do Mandaqui

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Hospital Geral de Taipas case


Dra Ana Chaddad

With computerization it is possible to follow all the indicators of the hospital, such as scheduled appointments, first aid, surgeries, hospitalizations, as well as we have the exact control of materials and medicines in stock...

Technical Director of the Department of the Interlagos Hospital and Maternity

Dr Sérgio Bento

The hospital has made several advances and improvements, including the implementation of the management system that is essential.

Superintendent of Samaritano Hospital

Dra Sandra Regina

Computerization with Input has brought improved patient care and tools to put ‘the machine on the rails’!

Technical Director of the Interlagos Hospital and Maternity

Dr Celso Ugolini

The software installed is not a small system but a Hospital Management system, it integrates all hospital control...

Coordinator of Informatics at Tatuapé Hospital

Dra Andrea Aldrighi

You need indicators to manage. Moreover, you need data to have indicators. With computerization you have a facility to get this data and turn it into indicators quickly. It is a great managerial weapon.

Directora Técnica del Departamento de Salud del Hospital de Taipas