Innovate, believe and create

Input constantly invests in research and development, and therefore maintains in its headquarters and in a São Paulo’s inland city, the development of innovative projects in Brazil and in the world:

  • Computerized management technology solutions
  • Specific solutions for education of the future (distance learning, mobile educational management, interactivity, and others)
  • Health Solutions (paperless technology, efficient management using clean energy, hospital of the future)
  • Solutions for mobile devices, certified and targeted for all kinds of business

They are projects that Input is pleased to offer to customers, adding more value to your business, quality, speed, reliability and low cost, in addition to contributing to raise the Brazil in the lead and the cutting edge of high technology.

A Incubadora

Our incubator located in a São Paulo’s inland city has direct contact with the headquarters in the city of São Paulo, creating information collaboration between our engineers, programmers, scientists, researchers and trainees, exchanging knowledge, creating and advancing new products and technologies.

The environment is adapted so that a location is another extension, to integrate and to develop projects to be presented to the market that is lacking in solutions that really work, in more high-tech.

For Input the impossible is the fuel that drives us into the future.!

Entrance to the incubator

Input´s incubator infrastructure

Input´s incubator infrastructure

Entry performed via facial recognition with voice warning

Training and lecture Auditorium

Producing Input´s innovations