Working, helping and transforming

A Input understands that every society has an obligation to help others. Not everyone in life had chances, so we must be willing to assist those who want to grow and become more happy with our support.

Throughout our history, we received recognition by collaborating with non-profit Institutions, mainly geared for the children and young people who are HIV positive, orphans, victims of violence and drug addicts.

It is important that the work of our team or part of our revenue is destined to those who need our help.

We believe that we can all live in a better world. That’s why we’re always supporting such institutions whose mission is to help others.

It is in this spirit that we opened, in this corporate space, the disclosure of the institutions approved and supported in our Social Responsability projects for you and our team can meet them and support them.

Supported Institutions

amigos da AACD
empresa amiga da criança
empresa amiga do lar da Mônica
empresa verde ABES