Quality education from the very beginning

For accurate monitoring of the child, the KIDS package from WinCol.Net has modules specially designed for daycare and maternity management.

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The study on the age of decisions

During elementary, middle and high school, the student should prepare for higher education easily, completely and without doubt.

In the modules of the WinCol.Net SCHOOL package, managers, teachers, parents and students benefit from face-to-face and distance learning with quality, security and high technology, as well as complete management for the institution or educational network.

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Full utilization for the professional career

The UNIVERSITY version presents the best solutions for quality management and the efficiency of the educational organization.

The whole academic community interacts with the use of the Input technology, saving resources, having greater results in administrative and academic management with high return on investment.

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Ideal for public organizations

The PUBLIC version of WinCol.Net is ideal for public organizations seeking efficiency and control for excellent administrative and academic management in an intelligent, up-to-date, advanced, interconnected and integrated way.

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Mobile indicators

WinCol manages. You decide.

WinCol.Net’s intelligence alerts you when there are problems in academic, administrative or financial management by email, SMS or phone.

Save time to grow and leave your business in the hands of WinCol.Net.

Academic Secretariat

Manage students’ entire academic lives

With the Academic Secretary module, it is possible to quickly publish school records, class journals, enrollment applications and contracts, declarations, etc.

Also in this module, it is possible to meet online requests for issuance of documents, such as school history, declaration of completion, declaration of schooling, among others.

Students Portal

Interactivity between students and teachers

With WinCol.Net, students can access online notes, notices, and schedules. The portal enables interactivity between students and teachers through chat and messaging.

Among other features, it is possible to perform online simulations and download / upload of various files.


Computerization of services with modernity!

The Library module ensures efficient collection and loan control, enabling automatic calculation of fines for overdue loans and the issuance of various reports, such as more and less borrowed books, delays in leasing, more active students in the library, and so forth.

In addition, with the portal it is possible to lease books online.


WinCol.Net has the best and most efficient technologies and practices of market management. In addition, it has the Veritest International Certification, which ensures its quality. The following results were achieved:

  • reduction in costs and inputs;
  • sharing of information within the Institution;
  • customer and system users satisfaction;
  • delinquency reduction;
  • enrollment increase.