Online Statistics/Indicators

Vision for you to go even further:

  • Automatic feeding of performance and quality indicators;
  • Distance monitoring through the electronic indicators dashboard;
  • Creation of a goal plan to be followed through indicators.

Patient electronic chart

Real-time information to save lives:

  • All patient’s medical history displayed quickly and safely;
  • Online sharing across health facilities around the world;
  • Integration with several services: pharmacy, warehouse, exams and others.

Work Schedules Online Control

Human resources with intelligent management:

  • Automatic integration with CNES;
  • Generation of files for benefits: basic basket, transport and others;
  • Online control of scales, frequency and payroll.

Materials and medicines Integrated Logistics

Materials and Drugs in the right measure, exact time and economy:

  • Online multi-stock control with anti-waste features;
  • Complete patrominal control in accordance with the standards of the Supervisory Bodies;
  • Module for generating intelligent purchasing processes.

Virtual Nursery

Emotion, even at a distance:

  • Generation of virtual card and password for access of family members to the system;
  • Registration of photos or videos of newborns;
  • Total safety of patients using RFID® Input®.


O WinHosp.Net has the best and most efficient technologies and practices of market management. In addition, it has the Veritest International Certification, which ensures its quality. The following results were achieved:

  • savings in spending on materials and medicines;;
  • increase in production;
  • increase in the customer satisfaction index;
  • reduction in total cost of management;
  • brand credibility in the Institution.